We are proud to produce products that are not only effective but also sustainable, supporting the Circular Economy and regenerative production. Our products have applications in agriculture, forestry, transportation, and manufacturing. By utilizing our portfolio of carbon negative products in your operations, you will significantly lower the carbon intensity of your production.


Phambili Biochar is more than just a product – it is a sustainable solution that improves soil health and crop yields and simultaneously combat the effects of climate change. Our Biochar is made from made from renewable resources, such as agricultural waste and forestry residues. We have been making biochar for many years and have learned that not all biochar is created equally. Biochar can be produced using many different technologies and feedstocks. When you use Phambili Biochar, you know that you are applying only the highest quality, fully certified product available.

Let plants do all the work. Biochar represents the single most cost effective and verifiable method of long-term carbon sequestration. When added to soil, Phambili Biochar acts as a long-term carbon sink, locking away carbon dioxide for centuries.

Phambili Biochar provides a multitude of agronomic benefits including enhanced soil fertility and crop yields, significant water savings via improved water holding capacity, reduced fertilizer leaching, and increased microbial populations.

Renewable Diesel

Phambili Renewable Diesel is a “drop in” replacement for conventional diesel and virtually identical in chemical composition. Renewable Diesel provides superior cold weather performance, burns cleaner and contains more energy per gallon than either conventional diesel or bio-diesel. This means you can seamlessly transition to a cleaner and more sustainable fuel source without having to purchase new equipment.

Engines that run on Renewable Diesel also require less maintenance, which translates to fewer vehicle breakdowns and a smoother operation overall. Most importantly, by using US produced Renewable Diesel, you are supporting US farmers and US energy independence as well as reducing our dependence on foreign oil production.


At Phambili, our Bio-Pesticides are a result of years of research and development aimed at providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to pest control in agriculture. Our organic chemicals are processed and formulated into a range of products. With a comprehensive portfolio that includes bio-stimulants, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers, we offer a holistic approach to pest management.

We also produce micronized carbon fertilizers that deliver plant nutrients along with the Biochar. Our Organic Bio-Pesticides are designed to work with nature rather than against it, ensuring that your crops are healthy and pest-free while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Did you know that approximately 27 billion gallons of Jet-A are consumed in the US annually? That is a staggering amount of fuel, and unfortunately, traditional jet fuel is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. But there is a solution: our Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). While SAF currently represents only 0.1% of total consumption, its demand is growing exponentially in order to meet the goals of the US Department of Energy’s SAF Grand Challenge.

With SAF, air travel GHG emissions can be reduces by up to 80%, support US transportation GHG reduction goals, and improve aircraft performance. Proven safe for jet engines and blendable up to 50% with Jet A, SAF is the future of aviation fuel and the solution to reducing the carbon footprint of air travel.

Sustainable Chemicals

Regenerate your manufacturing process with our sustainable chemicals. From acetic acid to eugenol, our selection of more than 118 organic chemicals (to date) is renewable, supporting a circular and regenerative economy. With our sustainable chemicals, you can reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing performance, which makes it a win-win for both your business and the planet.

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