Phambili’s technology can process a wide range of organic and cellulosic feedstocks, effectively converting low value residues into a number of high value products. Our cutting-edge technology enables sustainable and regenerative practices across multiple industries. View our feedstock capabilities below:

Agricultural Crop Residues

Phambili’s advanced process has the capability to process a multitude of crop residues, including but not limited to corn stover, rice and wheat straw, orchard and vineyard cuttings.

Wood Residues

We have the capability to utilize of virtually all types of wood residue, including slash, bark, wood chips, and sawdust. We sourced this material from sawmills, manufacturers, forestry operations, and fire prevention operations.

Agricultural Processing Waste

Our technology can process a broad range of agricultural processing waste including sugar cane bagasse, hulls, pits, shells and other organic waste materials.

Municipal Green Waste

Municiple green waste is overwhelming traditional waste management systems and straining landfill capacities. Many of our cities are prohibited from diverting this green waste to landfills altogether. Our advanced technology converts municipal green waste into high-quality, sustainable products. By diverting waste from landfills, we contribute to a more sustainable future. Our approach minimizes environmental impact, provides economic benefits, and fosters a circular economy.


Manure represents a significant environmental issue that can negatively affect the water quality in surrounding areas. Phambili provides a valuable solution to the management of manure derived from cows, pigs, and chickens.

Due to the hydrogen rich composition of manure, this feedstock provides Phambili the capability to produce a number of high value products including organic fertilizers. These fertilizers improve soil health, reduce the need for synthetic products and facilitate regenerative programs.

Sewage Sludge

Wastewater treatment facilities produce significant amounts of sludge, a byproduct rich in organic matter, nutrients, and energy. Historically, sludge disposal posed environmental risks along with significant cost. We repurpose this material into a number of regenerative products including green ammonia, providing a solution to one of the biggest challenges facing organic farming.

Other Feedstock Capabilities:

Herbaceous Species
Arundo Donax
Barley Straw
Corn Cobs
Corn Stover from Bales
Industrial Hemp Stalks
Miscanthus from Bales
Miscanthus – Field Chopped
Rice Straw
Silage Corn – Field Chopped
Sorghum – baled
Sorghum – Field Chopped
Switchgrass from Bales
Wheat Straw
Farm Waste:
Agave Fiber
Almond Hulls
Almond Shells
Construction & Debris
Ground Forest Residuals
Ground land clearing Debris
Hemp Fiber
Orchard Pruning
Vineyard Pruning
Walnut Shells
Hard Wood
Soft Wood
Black Pine
Douglas Fir
Eastern Red cedar Redwood
Lodgepole Pine
Loblolly Pine
Ponderosa Pine
Western Juniper

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